Auditorium - Fire Fire Ocean Liner

Director / Editor

Narrative music video for Auditorium from the album The First Music. 
Premiered at the Flux Screening Series, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles.

Daughter: Rebecca Noble
Father: Todd Waring
Mother: Eve Gordon
Doctor: Brendan O’Malley
Nurse: Mona Lawrence
Orderly: Andrew Clarke
Boy: Maceo Lopes
Woodsman: Christopher Myles

Produced by Mike Grossman & Georg Kallert, Lodger Films
Directed and Edited by Ben Barnes
Cinematography by Mathew Rudenberg
Make-Up by Mažena Pukšto
Set Dressing by Caitlyn Shanahan
Practical Effects by Legacy Effects: Akihito Ikeda, Damien Fisher, Jaime Siska, Seth Hays, David Monzingo
Compositing by William Hyler

Copyright © 2018 Benjamin Barnes
All rights reserved.
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